Hillside Home


A sophisticated and summery home on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

An understated space that manages to marry class, elegance and functionality, while still remaining rooted in the feeling of the natural materials used and mountainous environment in which it is located.

The kitchen

Includes: duco sprayed door, and drawer, fronts (satin white); a solid oak breakfast counter and wall mounted cabinet (grey-mist wash); working countertops made from Neolith (arctic white), a highly innovative porcelain product only recently available in South Africa; and Grass hardware throughout.

The wine cellar is arguably the coup de grace of the home.

The main storage area is made from solid ceder, while the lighting lends the previously dark room a soft magnetism. At the rear of the cellar the striking wash basin unit, by James Mudge, introduces a sense of lightness to an otherwise transfixing room. Finally, the mild steel decorative pins are scattered above a natural granite boulder, achieving something we at Cabinetworks have always revered – the gentle and respectful merging of nature’s beauty with man’s imagination.