Sharper Edges, Andy de Klerk’s memoir, available again

After the initial batch of his memoir sold out within three years of publication, Andy de Klerk, owner of Cabinetworks and world-renowned mountaineer, rock-climber and base-jumper, has published another batch in response to the enthusiastic demand. Initially released in 2007, this heartfelt autobiography received acclaim from his fellow adventurers and the literary world alike.


What makes this mountaineer’s account of life so different to many of its predecessors is the balanced attention he pays to every aspect of his world. Comprising a thoughtfully chosen and reworked collection of articles written by Andy over the years, the journeys you are taken on are diverse, from epic alpine ascents across the globe, to the first ‘wing-suit’ attempts at human-flight, to the equally intense experience of looking into the eyes of his first born child moments after his arrival.


If you miss out on this book you will do yourself a disservice.


Available at:

Andy de Klerk – Cabinetworks: 7 Orphan Street, showroom by appointment

Mountain Mail Order:  CityROCK climbing gym, Cnr Collingwood Rd and Anson St, Observatory, Cape Town

Online from:

Sharper Edges, Andy de Klerk’s memoir, available again