Elegant shoji-themed storage solution

The brief for this job included the need for ample storage space and the maximisation of natural light into both the study as well as the walk-in-closet. In order to achieve this, our Senior Designer, Warren Franken, utilised our shoji screens to divide the rooms. The shoji screens, which are made with a polyfibre-based paper backing, allow diffused light to pass through them while still ensuring privacy on either side. Owing to their traditional Japanese horizontal-rectangular design, shoji screens ground the spaces they inhabit, introducing a sense of serenity and contentedness to any room. Warren extended the shoji design principle to the rest of the room with the solid oak floating shelves spanning two of the walls and providing an additional room divider between the study and the en-suite bathroom. The traditional feeling is gently amplified by the cantilevered shelf-ends.


The render below is followed by images taken of the initial phases of the installation. Images of the final phase will follow.

Elegant shoji-themed storage solution Elegant shoji-themed storage solution Elegant shoji-themed storage solution